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The Ionian Library Challenge

As we reach our 50th anniversary in November 2020, we thought it would be a great challenge to play through every piece in our library.

We've now realised that is going to take some time, not least because the library is continuing to grow as we buy more music!

So, in January 2019 we started what will be a multi-year project.

We have an unrivalled library. This includes some of the earliest orignial clarinet choir music, and some of the most recent: Leon Karel, Noah Klauss and Lucien Calliet through to Andy Scott, Melanie Thorne and Alun Cook are all in our library. We will play through them all, and continue to contribute to the development of the clarinet choir repertoire.

Current progress (December 2019):

Different pieces played since January 2019: 57

Pieces still to play: 402

So, we have plenty of different music to look forward to over the coming years!

Southgate Concert

Other Current Projects

History of the Clarinet Choir

In 2020, we'll celebrate our 50th anniversary.

We'll work on a concert programme that reflects the development of clarinet choirs, and ICC in particular.

Playday Saturday 26th September 2020

Have you previously been a member of ICC?

For this event, we particular welcome back former players. We'll focus the day on pieces written for ICC - there is a big selection to choose from!

And we hope to have some brand new commissions to premiere on the day.

Please sign up here.