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What we're up to

February 2019

Tuesday 12th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

Saturday 23rd - Saxophone Playday 2-6pm

Tuesday 26th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

March 2019

Sunday 10th - Playday with Phoenix Concert Band and London Single Reeds

Tuesday 12th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

Tuesday 26th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

April 2019

Tuesday 9th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

Tuesday 30th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

May 2019

Tuesday 7th - Rehearsal 8-10pm

Monday 20th - Brent Cross, for Dementia Care UK

Tuesday 21st - Rehearsal 8-10pm


The Ionian Library Challenge

As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2020, we thought it would be a great challenge to play through every piece in our library.

We've now realised that is going to take some time, not least because the library is continuing to grow as we buy more music!

So, in January 2019 we started what will be a multi-year project.

Current progress:

Different pieces played since January 2019: 10

Pieces still to play: 449

So, we have plenty of different music to look forward to over the coming years.